1. Opening remarks

  1. CREDO application is one of the tool for acquisition and analyze data in Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory (CREDO) the purpose of which is detection and researching for cosmic-ray in global scale in research of cosmic-ray ensembles.
  2. CREDO is international scientific project which involve non-scientist in citizen-science form. Project participants having at their disposal mobile device with installed CREDO Detector app can acquisition scientific information about detected cosmic-ray participle. Those informations are automatically sent to CREDO servers. All participants have access to gathered data and can be processed using app shared by CREDO and also using our own tools.
  3. Contact data and basic information: the CREDO Collaboration |
  4. The administrator of the data collected in the CREDO project is
    Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory Collaboration |

2. Participation in CREDO project

  1. In order to take place in CREDO project you will have to install CREDO Detector app, register through it in CREDO project and start in app Detector function with tightly covered main camera from surrounding light. Registration is necessary for assurances adequate reliance level for acquired data on the other hand tightly covering camera is needed for accurate interpretation of signal generated by mobile device camera sensor by penetrating cosmic-ray participle.
  2. In CREDO project can participate every person of age. In case of under age knowing and approvement of parents or guardian of law is obligatory.
  3. User of CREDO Detector app agrees on sharing with CREDO for scientific research such data: e-mail address; name of team he/she wants to be in; GPS location data; device orientation toward the Earth; device model; operating system version; pictures containing signal generated by penetrating radiation or other signals significantly exceeding background level.
  4. On e-mail address given by the time of registration can be sent messages about CREDO project
  5. User account can only be used by its owner. It is forbidden to share accounts with anyone else.
  6. User is obligated to secure their account and other authorized data inter alia by using tough passwords, accurate privilege and encryption.
  7. Through one’s account user can enter CREDO project server and download information gathered by oneself and the others.

3. How CREDO Detector work?

  1. App, when Detector function is working is gathering necessary information needed for realization CREDO scientific goals, save it in cache device memory, than, when Internet connection is established sends gathered data to CREDO project servers.
  2. When Detector function is not working, app does not gather data. It can though send earlier data gathered when function was still working, but could not be send to server successfully.
  3. App allows to preview data that was gathered during Detector function was working, which was sent on server in previous 10 days.

4. The action of Detection function

  1. App registrate image from attached camera and processed it on the same device
  2. The effect of processed image is an information about detection or lack of detection signal significantly exceeding background level, further excess signal, that can be signal generated by penetrating participles secondary cosmic rays.
  3. Information about detection of excess signal contain sample of image containing detected signal.
  4. Content of images on which excess signal was not detected is neither saved in device permanent storage nor send beyond device.
  5. Sample of image containing detected excess signal is saved in device cache memory and send to CREDO project servers via Internet. Remaining part of image is not saved in device permanent storage or send beyond device.
  6. From all samples of image there are gathered statistical data about average brightness of each sample of image, brightness of the brightest point on the sample of image and amount of pixels that are darker than parameter defined in application settings. Those data are aggregated in 10 minutes periods. Aggregation contain information about minimum, average and maximum value.

5. Additional information gathering when Detector function is working

  1. When Detector function is working are gathered additional information such as:
  2. Additional information are gathered at the moment of detecting excess signal and every 10 minutes during Detector function working.

6. Information sending to CREDO project servers

  1. To CREDO project servers are sent informations about detecting excess signal.
  2. Along with information about detecting excess signal and after every 10 minutes in time of working Detector function application is sending additional informations reminestent in 1.5.1.on CREDO project servers.
  3. All information sent to CREDO project server are sent along with user account identificator.
  4. When it is not possible to send gathered data through Internet, those data are saved in device memory. Another try of sending collected data is repeated when device regain Internet access.

7. Collected and shared data on CREDO project servers

  1. CREDO project servers collect and process for needs of CREDO project all data send from device with running application CREDO Detector.
  2. User have right to delete user-account from CREDO project. Deleting account will bring upon deleting personal data saved in account settings, while from collected data from CREDO Detector app will only be deleted links with this account.
  3. All CREDO project participants have access in all data send to servers from all participants CREDO Detector app

8. CREDO app user security

  1. When Detector function is working device and camera can heat up. User is obligated to watch out so that device will not get overheated. When device get overheated it could cause damage, can cause burn on people and/or animals and cause fire. Appropriate information should also be in device and camera manual.

9. Closing remarks

  1. It is forbidden to use data collected in CREDO project in other than scientific purpose, especially inconsistency with law and with all intentional actions that may collide with CREDO project proper work.
  2. CREDO is courteously asking user to attach information about using CREDO project infrastructure and data in publication, that where published based on results obtained using this project and notify International Collaborative CREDO about publication.
  3. CREDO is courteously asking about information about malfunction in CREDO Detector app working. Diagnostic information about app shutdown will be automatically send to CREDO project servers.
  4. CREDO Detector app creators are reserving the right to make change in following rules