Frequently asked questions

1. I don't see some of my detections. Are you filtering them?

Yes, we hide detections from old versions of the app and ones that are too bright because they may be artifacts. We also try to detect "hot pixels" that are generating false positives. However, we still keep all of them and use them while analyzing data for science purposes.

2. I want to access the full data set. What should I do?

You should contact CREDO Science Coordinator ( and describe why do you want access and what are you going to do with the data. Remember to include your username and send the message from email address you used during registration.
Documentation about data export is available on GitHub.

You can find a collection of tools for exporting and working with data collected by CREDO in this GitHub repository.

3. How should I acknowledge the CREDO Collaboration for using the data?

If your work is concluded in some written or visual form please do not forget to acknowledge the CREDO Collaboration properly, e.g. by citing our main publication:
"Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory",
P. Homola, et al. (CREDO Collab.), Symmetry 2020, 12(11), 1835, 2020.
[arXiv:2010.08351, DOI:10.3390/sym12111835].